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Derrick Rose Possibly To Miss the 2012 Season?


Derrick Rose has hinted in an interview with NBA TV that he could miss the entire 2012-2013 season and although Chicago fans would love to avoid that reality, it should come as no surprise to them.

A torn ACL is an injury many athletes suffer and successful comebacks aren’t always guaranteed  Rose knows this and at age 24 and only 5 months into rehab, he has no reason to rush back and not play at 100 percent.

He has expressed his low confidence in his ability to cut into the lane to ESPN Chicago saying

“Probably when I start cutting (I’ll feel I’m back) because right now cutting is the hardest thing in the world right now to do,” Rose went on to say that “I’m scared of it. And right when I think I get that out of my system I think I’ll be pretty close, where I have to prove to them that I’m ready to play. Hopefully it doesn’t take the whole year.”

Rose’s style of play revolves around his quickness, agility an his ability to cut into the lane and acrobatically avoid defenders and when he says he isn’t confident in his ability to do those things every Chicago fan should want him to rehab as much as possible.

It would make more sense for Rose to miss this season and return with 100 percent confidence next season as opposed to coming back in late February or early March if he isn’t.

The management for the Bulls wouldn’t allow him to return if he wasn’t going to be as effective as he was before the injury and this should play into his approach to rehab and whether he is anxious to rush his return or not.

He should also keep in mind that he is a young player with a long and bright future ahead of him and that the knees are the most vital part to maintaining longevity. If he rushes himself and doesn’t pay attention to the minuscule details associated with this injury then he may be in essence shortening his career. 

Kirk Hinrich has shown that he can run the point guard position, not with the effectiveness or athleticism that Rose has shown, but he still can run it at a high level meaning that the Chicago Bulls are for now set at the point guard position.

Everyone from the fans to the Bulls upper management wants Rose back on the floor as soon as possible, but they should not be surprised if he doesn’t play this year. If that’s the case, they will see the benefits of him taking his time in rehab next season.