Why Is Deron Williams Acting Like A Brat?

By gilgerard

Deron Williams got his money. He got what he wanted in where he wanted to play and got what he wanted in terms of players he wanted to play with. I just want to know one thing: why is he acting like a spoiled little baby? It came out last week that Williams was upset Mark Cuban had a life and didn’t pamper him with flowers, a red carpet, and a build-a-bear on arrival. Apparently, that hurt the Dallas Mavericks chances so he went back and signed with the Brooklyn Nets for more money than I’ll ever see. Good for him. he’s a good player. That’s the market and he deserves the contract.

I used to have a ton of respect for D-Will. In fact, we went to the same school (University of Illinois), and I ran into him on campus a few times and he was always very cordial to me and those I saw him interact with. So what? Now that he’s all rich and famous, he gets to act like a punk?

Tonight he didn’t like the foul he took from pointless scrub AJ Price. Sweet. That’s going to happen from time to time. It is the NBA…at least I think it’s the NBA. Of course that led to D-Will being disrespected or something and he got into a shoving match. Awesome.

Grow up D-Williams. Your team? They need you. If you do something stupid and it costs you an injury- your team will not win this year. What happened to the down to earth guy from U of I? What’s wrong with walking away from an altercation with a player wanting to get your goat? Why can’t you just sign with Brooklyn and keep your mouth shut on why you went there? It’s incredibly annoying, and I miss who you used to be. Before you were famous of course.

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