Andrea Bargnani Injured In Win vs. Washington Wizards

By Sachin Arora


Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The Toronto Raptors took down the Washington Wizards 104-101 in Wednesday night’s preseason contest. Kyle Lowry had a very solid debut, scoring 14 points to go with 6 assists in just under 25 minutes.

However, it seems to be a growing trend in Raptorland that when one player gets healthy, another gets injured. Sure enough, Andrea Bargnani left the game due to a calf injury. This is alarming considering the time Bargnani missed last year with his calf strain, and losing him takes away a huge part of the Raptors offensive game.

However, the Raptors PR team has announced that Bargnani was kicked in the calf, giving him a left calf contusion, which is unrelated to last years injury, thankfully. The injury shouldn’t take more than a few days to a week to heal, if it really is just a contusion.

Bargnani has struggled the whole preseason thus far, and he blames his struggles on fatigue. Bargnani looks slower and less agile so far, and a big part of his game is his quickness, making it vital for him to get his conditioning up before the season starts. Bargnani is reportedly heavier than last year, and this could be another reason for his decreased quickness. His shot has also been off substantially as well.

Many people were hoping for a full breakout season from Bargnani, similar to the start of last year. If Bargnani can get his play up to that level for the entire season, he will be in contention for an all-star appearance and will make this Raptor squad deadly.

Regardless, Bargnani’s injury doesn’t appear to be too serious, and as long as he’s ready to perform at an optimal level for the regular season, which he should be, then Raptors fans have nothing to worry about.

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