NBA Rumors: Was An Intoxicated D.J. Mbenga About To Sign With The Toronto Raptors?

By Sachin Arora

This is probably the strangest Toronto Raptors news you are going to read in quite a while. Former Dallas Mavericks center D.J.  Mbenga was arrested for public intoxication Tuesday morning after an encounter with a police officer.

Mbenga was leaving a bar early in the morning and put his arm on an officers chest who was walking in, and said: “You move out of my way.” The officer obviously didn’t respond well to that, and Mbenga was arrested while he continued to argue with the officers. “You want to go? I do what I want, so you move out of the way!” was another statement made by the severely intoxicated Mbenga. He was then put in jail before being sent to the detox center.

Here’s the strange part. According to the incident report, Mbenga was ready to sign with the Raptors later in the day, however he was put in the detox center so he couldn’t do so. If this is in fact true, it is unlikely that the Raps will sign him at this point anyway after this incident.

I’m not quite sure what Bryan Colangelo wants with Mbenga in the first place. The Mavericks released Mbenga on October 2nd, and there haven’t been any reports of the Raptors showing any interest in signing the big man.

With Aaron Gray and Jamaal Magloire under contract, it seems that signing Mbenga would be pointless, especially considering the Raptors full roster.

Regardless, this was certainly an interesting turn of events, and if there was any truth to it, I’m quite confused by Bryan Colangelo’s thought process on this one. However, with the state Mbenga was in, it is possible that he could have been making false statements. Interesting and amusing, nonetheless.

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