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Steve Nash: “I Was Very Close” To Signing With The Raptors

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

One of the biggest coups of the NBA off-season was the Los Angeles Lakers acquisition of Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash. The move caught everyone off guard, including Nash. The Lakers were probably the last team on  everyone’s list of teams Nash could be suiting up for next season. The front-runners seemed to be, in order,  the Toronto RaptorsNew York Knicks, Suns, and then the Lakers.

So it did not come as too much of a surprise, at least to those who were paying attention to NBA news during the off-season, when Nash recently revealed that he was “very close” to signing with the Raptors. “I was very close, you know,” Nash said. “Because it appeared that they were going to be an option long before free agency started. So I got my head around that and I was comfortable with that and happy with the opportunity to play in Toronto. But when this opportunity (with the Lakers) became a reality, I couldn’t pass it up.”

The key reason that Nash chose the Lakers over the likes of the Raptors, Knicks, and Suns was that they did possess a legitimate shot at an NBA championship, even before they acquired Dwight Howard. Now that Howard has arrived in L.A, and is ahead of schedule in terms of his back injury, Nash’s decision to sign with the Lakers has beeen reaffirmed many times over.

But being the genuinely nice guy that Nash is, he also had some kind words to say about Toronto, “It wasn’t in any way like, ‘Oh well, I gotta go to Toronto.’ I was thrilled,” Nash said. Ultimately though Nash states that the Raptors were not going to contend for a championship this upcoming season and, at this stage of his career, that sort  of thing was something he had to factor into his final decision. At the end of the day I feel like Nash is going to be happy with his decision.