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The Best of The Outrageous Stuff Metta World Peace Has Said, Recently


Metta World Peace is a special character. He’s know for saying and doing some pretty outrageous stuff, such as changing his name to Metta World Peace, the Pacers–Pistons brawl, the James Harden elbow, asking for a month off to promote his rap album and drinking in the locker room.

That stuff is all the past though, recently World Peace has done some crazy new stuff to live up to his rambunctious reputation.

Lately, World Peace shown great pride in his new teammate Steve Nash‘s on-court abilities. Nash has been the focus of much of World Peace’s attention. World Peace explains:

Half of the time, I don’t get back on defense after we just scored. I’m wondering what just happened.” Nash should do a Vegas magic show,” World Peace said. “they should put his picture on the Flamingo hotel with a picture of him posing spinning the ball with his tongue out. There could be a bunch of strippers around him naked covering themselves with a hat.

To which Nash replied, “I don’t know how he comes up with this stuff.”

This wasn’t the only comment that World Peace made about Nash. When a reporter asked World Peace, “who has the highest basketball IQ on the team, would you say?” he struggled for an answer, as would anyone. So another reporter offered the name “Steve Nash.”

To which World Peace replied (laughing) “He’s white so he probably has the highest basketball IQ.”

The comment made headlines but when you watch the video, Nash being “smart” was never mentioned in the video. According to the 2012 NBA racial and gender report card, “African-Americans comprised 78 percent of all NBA players.” The comment seems like more like a White Men Can’t Jump inspired joke than anything else (but that wouldn’t make a good headline now would it?).

At the Los Angeles Lakers Media Day, World Peace brought his personality with him. He gave reporters some interesting answers on their basic questions:

On how he feels going into the season:

“I’m just happy. If you smacked me in the face right now it would be the best day of my life.”

On his new teammates:

“It’s like the carebears. They love eachother. We just care for eachother…We’re here together in this Earth in this world together as one.”

On the status of his rap career:

“Horrible, all of my singles failed.”