Detroit Pistons Consider Pairing Up Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond

By John Raffel

Detroit Pistons coach Lawrence Frank realizes he has two franchise players in NBA rookie Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe in the post.

Frank just needs to figure out how to use them and that could mean frequently putting them side-by-side. There just might be enough room for the both of them.

Frank was asked that after Tuesday’s 112-86 victory over the Orlando Magic at the Palace, where Monroe had 15 points but also had a pass on an alley-oop to Drummond that fired up the sparse Pistons crowd.

Frank indicates he’d like to see more of that.

“It’s something that we’ll continue to look at,” Frank said. “We just have to see how it works. Going into the game that was kind of how we scripted it, and it worked out.”

“On a pass, just throwing it up there and you know he’s going to go up and get an easy bucket,” Monroe said. “He’s obviously a good rebounder, a good paint-protector. That’s something that helps out any team.”

Drummond has performed impressively and Frank, along with returning players like Jonas Jerebko, keep talking about their first-round draft pick from a year ago.

“You just want to keep on moving forward,” Frank said. “Like I said, this is going to be a big process, this is a hard league. Like I said, you keep it all in perspective. We’re happy with the progress he’s making, don’t get me wrong, but we’re also not unrealistic to understand what the regular season means versus the exhibition season. These are all stages of his development.”

“He is very active around the basket,” Jerebko said. “He’s super athletic and he’s a big guy. He’s doing a great job under the basket, moving without the ball and opening up space. He hustles plays, plays defense and blocks shots. I’m trying to be there to pick up the rebounds when he blocks the shots. He’s doing a great job out there.”

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