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The Importance of Kirk Hinrich’s Recruitment

Cary Edmondson-US Presswire

Kirk Hinrich was not the most sought after free agent this summer as there were many big name players available during the off-season, but his recruitment by Derrick Rose is a lot more significant than it seems. During the LeBron James free-agency drama as well as the Dwight Howard free-agency drama, Rose made it very clear that he was not interested nor was he going to be interested  in the recruitment of free-agents.

He said “That’s just not me,” and “My whole life, I’ve never been the type of player where I’ve recruited people like that.” With words like this, even the recruitment of a guy like Hinrich shows that Rose is backing away from his stance of not recruiting.

Hinrich played for the Atlanta Hawks from 2010 to 2012, but became a free-agent this past summer and although he may have been tempted to come back to the Chicago Bulls–having played there from 2003 to 2010–without the help of Rose, the fact that he went out of his comfort zone to engage Hinrich is a sign of maturity and shows that when the 2011 MVP attempts to recruit players, he has a lot more influence than he thinks.

Chicago needed a point guard and they got one in Hinrich. At 31, he may not be the quickest player on the court, but what he brings is veteran leadership, hard-nosed Chicago style defense and versatility at the guard positions who can threaten defenses from long range shooting almost 38 percent in his career.

The arrival of Hinrich is going to help Chicago where they need it, but more importantly it shows that Rose has become more comfortable engaging players in free-agency and more comfortable in trying to recruit them for his team. This comes in perfect time, too, as players such as OJ Mayo, Shawn Marion, David West and Monte Ellis are all going to be unrestricted free agents next summer.