Chris Kaman Out For The Dallas Mavericks Due To Strained Achilles


If the news of Dirk Nowitzki being out for a month is not enough then how about Chris Kaman being out for a little while as well? Kaman will miss the pre-season game tomorrow night against the Atlanta Hawks due to his strained Achilles.

No information on how he strained it and no there’s no information coming from the Dallas Mavericks on how serious this is. However, history will tell you how bad it can be. Kaman has had a history of being injured which has probably caused him not to be an all-star type of player. He has missed 69 games in the past two seasons due to injuries and the total could add up this season as well.

As much as Kaman could help the Mavericks be a great team in the low post his history of injuries will most likely hold him back. The strained Achilles may not mean much right now, but it could cause other injuries to happen throughout the season.

One thing is for sure is that if both Nowitzki and Kaman are out at the same time it’s going to be a disaster for this Mavs team on the court. Now we know that Nowitzki will be out for the month of November due to his surgery recovery, but if Kaman is unable to go as well for some of the games in the first month then expect the Mavs to have a losing record by the end of November.

Also with Kaman being out it is hard to get this team on the right track together since they do not have a full team to work with and to build up a system that coach Rick Carlisle has. If injuries continues to hurt his chance to play for the Mavs then it is likely, in my opinion, that they will look to trade or release him by the trade deadline. There’s no point in keeping a person who is going to keep coming and going due to injury. It kills the flow of the game and it kills team chemistry if a player keeps being absent.

With only four more games left for the Mavs to play in the pre-season it is probably likely that Kaman will miss them all. There’s no word on how long Kaman will be out, but the team will take a look at it when they return from Atlanta and probably after their exhibition game on Monday.

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