ESPN Article Causes Stir in Miami Heat Locker Room

By Daniel Carpio
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Heat as an organization doesn’t pay attention to many media articles involving their players and front office.

There are always exceptions to this and an October 18 ESPN article written by Brian Windhorst became one of them.

Windhorst detailed in the article how the Los Angeles Lakers are positioning themselves to lure the Heat’s LeBron James in 2014, according to many NBA executives. 2014 is the year that Miami’s ‘Big 3’ of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh can opt out of their contracts with the team and become free agents.

As with almost everything involving James, the national media seized upon the speculation.

The article was the main topic of the Heat media until the team’s preseason game against the Detroit Pistons. James dismissed the article, stating his main focus is winning another NBA championship in Miami. He even joked with Wade before the game about how the media only speculates about him. Wade put in his own two cents when he told the media ” They can go ahead and leave my teammate alone. He’s staying here.”

Even Udonis Halsem chimed in on the situation via a platform he rarely uses, his Twitter account.

The Heat’s normally quiet co-captain put out a tweet telling people to stop the speculation and that James is “Dade County certified.”

It’s a certainty that James will opt out in 2014, given the nature of the current collective bargaining agreement between NBA players and owners. It’s also worth noting how the Lakers have been able to reload over the last three decades. It would make sense for James to go to the Lakers if he had not won a title in Miami.

However, James is coming into the 2012-13 season as a defending champion.

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