5 Players Who Could Be The Next Dallas Mavericks Superstar

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5 Players Who Could Be The Dallas Mavericks Next Franchise Player

5 New Mavs
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After the 2013-14 season Dirk Nowitzki will become a free agent since his contract will be up for the Dallas Mavericks. If he does not re-sign with the Mavs then it is most likely that he will announce his retirement from the NBA.

The question now is that if Nowitzki does indeed retire during the 2014 off-season then who is suppose to take over as the franchise's face? Who will become the Mavs next superstar? It is unlikely that their future face of the franchise will come out of future draft picks since the Mavericks are looking to win now instead of later. With that said their next future all-star for the team will most likely come from within or from free agency in the next two off-seasons.

There is no doubt that Nowitzki has been the man behind the Mavericks success the past 14 seasons. Leading them to three Western Conference Finals appearances, two NBA Finals appearances and then finally winning the NBA Championship back in 2011. He took the Mavs to a 67 win season in 2006-07 which got him the Most Valuable Player award. With pretty much holding most of the records for the franchise and being probably the best basketball player to come out of Europe there's no question that he will be in the Hall Of Fame.

Now with Nowitzki out for the month of November due to his recent knee surgery the Mavs may want to hurry up and find that next all-star since this could be a beginning of something bad for him and the team. At 34 years old there may not be much support in his legs and it is time to pass the torch to someone else who could carry the Dallas Mavericks in the next decade.

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Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard may be playing for the Los Angeles Lakers now, but depending on how they end up at the end of the season Howard may not want to stay in L.A. The difference between the Lakers “Big Three” and the Miami Heat's “Big Three” is age.

Steve Nash will be 39 years old in February and of course he is not the same player he was when he won back-to-back MVP awards seven years ago. Who knows if Nash will stay healthy throughout this season and if is out due to injuries then it could hurt the Lakers achieve their goal to win a NBA Championship.

As for Kobe Bryant may be only 34 years old, but he has been playing basketball longer than most of the veterans in this league. He has been playing since 1996 that is 16 seasons in the NBA and his legs must be running out of gas soon. Also who's to say Bryant is going to get along with Nash in who's going to control the ball. Bryant has been in control since entering the league and giving that job to somebody else may not work out as well as expected.

Remember the Lakers have done this before when they acquired Gary Payton and Karl Malone to go along with Kobe and Shaquille O'Neal. They did get to the NBA Finals, but were embarrassed by the Detroit Pistons losing in five games. Now who's to say that something like that will happen this year? I believe if the Lakers get eliminated before getting to the Western Conference Finals then Howard will look else where to play and Dallas may be that next destination.

If Howard does become part of the Mavs organization then of course he would make an immediate impact. If he signs with the team next off-season he will be able to play at least one year with Nowitzki and possibly help the team win another title before his retirement. Also he would automatically be the Mavs best center in their franchise history since they have a history with disappointing centers other than Tyson Chandler.

One thing is for sure about Howard and the Mavs is that if he chooses Dallas then other big names may choose Dallas as well and it could be a start of something great for this franchise in the next 5-6 years.

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Michael Beasley

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Michael Beasley may not be someone that anybody in the NBA sees as a franchise player, but he was the 2nd overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. At 23 years old he is entering his 5th season in the NBA and this will be his 3rd team to be playing for.

I believe he could become that franchise player for any team it's just he has not been given the chance to be that type of player. He was drafted by Miami in the 2008 NBA Draft, but was traded away for draft picks in 2010 in order to clear up cap space which eventually gave Miami the chance to acquire LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

When he was with the Minnesota Timberwolves he wasn't even a starter during this past season. I believe that if given the chance to become an all-star type of player he could become any team's franchise player especially being only 23 years old.

His contract is up after the 2014-15 which is a year after Nowitzki could retire (2014). That means that if the Mavericks want Beasley then they would have to wait an entire season before making an offer to him which could be disaster for that 2014-15 season. However, sometimes waiting pays off in the end.

If the Mavs are able to sign Beasley in 2015 that means he will be 26 years old and possibly in his prime. That will be a perfect time to get him. He plays the same position as Nowitzki and he is a little more athletic than him as well. What the Mavs need is someone who is strong and with the Mavs coaching staff there's not doubt in my mind that Beasley could become the Mavs next franchise player for 6-7 years if he signs in 2015.

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Kevin Love

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In 2015 Kevin Love can opt out of his contract to become a free agent and if the Timberwolves do not become an elite team before the 2014-15 season then I believe that Love will use that option to opt out and teams with cap room will be looking to sign him.

This will be another player that the Mavs will have to sacrifice the 2014-15 in order to wait and hope that Love opts out of his contract. However, if Love is unhappy way before his opt out year then he could demand a trade and that would be another way for the Mavs to acquire him depending on who they have at the time of the trade.

If Love becomes a Maverick then this would be another power forward that would be a franchise player for the team. The only thing different is that Love is not afraid to go to the board. He knows how to rebound and he knows how to drive to the basket. That is what the Mavericks need if they ever want to become that elite team that they have been this past decade.

Also if Love is signed by the Mavs during the 2015 off-season then Love will be 26 years old in his prime. That means that if the Mavs have the right key players it could convince Love to come to Dallas and if they do have the right key players then the Mavs will be set for years to come.

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O.J. Mayo


If free agency is not the answer and it seems like that is the unlikely way to go then maybe the Mavs should go with their current team to find that next all-star type player. Out of all the new guys the Mavs acquired this year O.J. Mayo is the only person who has a two year contract with them and there is a reason for that.

If Mayo can be that productive player that he was when he first enter the league then I believe he could become the next franchise player for the Dallas Mavericks. Remember, he was picked 3rd overall in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies and the reason why his stats had declined the past few years is because of Zach Randolph. The attention turned to him instead of the young Mayo that is why he decided to go elsewhere.

Plus playing for an organization like the Mavs it will give him a chance to develop into an even better player than he already is. He will be learning from veteran's like Nowitzki, Vince Carter and Shawn Marion which will help him quicker to become an All-Star in the NBA.

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Jae Crowder


I wrote an article a few days ago about Jae Crowder possibly being the guy that becomes the next face of the Dallas Mavericks once Nowitzki retires and I am going to stick with that belief. Crowder is an unbelievable athlete who has the potential in becoming a big star in the NBA.

He was selected in the second round (34th overall) in this past draft and with his rights belonging to the Mavs he is on a team who is already set to compete in the league. Crowder has the skills. He can make jump shots and he can take to the basket. He did win the NJCAA Men's Division I Championship in 2010 with Howard County Junior College and was named Junior College of the Year for 2010. He was also named the Big East Player of the year in 2012.

With the coaching staff that the Mavs provide Crowder can quickly become that all-star type of player once Nowitzki retires and at the age of 22 the Mavs will have over a decade to build a elite team around him.

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Temporary Players

Temp Players
--Carmelo Anthony--

The only way for the Mavericks to acquire Anthony would be through a trade. I believe that the chemistry between Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire will hurt the New York Knicks to ever becoming a elite team in the Eastern Conference and with that said the Knicks could be looking to trade Anthony.

The reason why it would be Anthony instead of Stoudemire is because Anthony has a cheaper contract than him. If the Mavericks go after Anthony which could be before the trade deadline of this year or during the off-season of next year it could be a persuasion for Dwight Howard to coming to Dallas.

Anthony is 28 years old and if the Mavs try to get him he will still be in his late 20's or early 30's which mean he could be at the end of his prime. However, if he is not then Anthony will be a huge asset to the Dallas Mavericks if they want to go the route of a temporary player instead of waiting for a younger elite player to fall in their lap. Plus the Mavs will have the cap room to get him unlike other teams in the NBA.

--Kobe Bryant--

Bryant's contract ends after the 2013-14 season and if the Lakers decide to pursue another future legend then the 2013-14 season could be his last year as a member of the Lakers. If he is not ready to retire then the Mavericks will be able to sign him to a two or three year contract and still have money to go after another big name player.

He will be 36 years old during the 2014-15 season and if he decides to play then the Mavs may have the more favorable shot in landed the five time NBA Champion. Owner of the Mavericks, Mark Cuban, did mention earlier this summer that they were close in a trade that would have landed Bryant on the Mavs a few years ago, and I think with the organization the Mavs provide it could help with the decision.

Plus this would be a good thing for Mavs Nation. Bryant's contract is up the same time Nowitzki's is as well. If Bryant decides to come to Dallas then that could persuade Nowitzki to sign a one year deal to play the 2014-15 season to have one more shot in winning a NBA Championship with Bryant.

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