Roy Hibbert Does Gangnam Style in Mall (Video)

By joshdhani
Roy Hibbert October 2012
Pat Lovell-US Presswire

If you aren’t familiar with the song “Gangnam Style,” you must have been living under a rock or something. The latest song by South Korean pop singer/rapper Psy has been going crazy for the past few months from all over the world.

It’s already the most viewed video on YouTube and people can’t get enough of the catchy tune. Many have already done their mock-ups of it, some who are celebrities and other who are athletes.

For Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, he decided to join in on it and he did it himself at a local mall in Indiana. It took him a while to get in to create suspense, as some Pacers fans started out doing it, maybe some who are part of Hibbert’s “Area 55” fanbase.

When it was towards to building up to the chorus, Hibbert came in the most suspenseful way with his 7-2 frame, coming in with a white tuxedo and breaking it down for the public to enjoy that saw this performance coming out of nowhere.

It’s pretty fun to watch, though Hibbert wasn’t too great at it. He did look pretty stiff doing it and really couldn’t gel, but at least he did his part and gave people some enjoyment out of it. I know I did; it was pretty funny to watch.

Basically, we’ve seen the Pacers center just about everywhere now.

He’s been in MMA training places, he plays a role in Parks & Recreation, he tries out to be a member of Samcro or a One-Niner on Sons of Anarchy, he brings his fans to go see Prometheus and now he does his own version of Gangnam Style in a mall.

Hibbert, you’re one of a kind.

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