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A Detailed Look at the 2012-13 Schedule for the Toronto Raptors

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Toronto Raptors 2012-13 Schedule

Toronto Raptors 2012-13 Schedule
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

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When you cheer for the Toronto Raptors, you know you can leave no stone unturned when looking at (and analyzing) your team and their chances to make the playoffs for the first time since the 2007-2008 season. Roster moves by the Raps, and their Atlantic Division foes, are the best places to start, but when your team is 118-194 since they last made the playoffs (that is a winning percentage of a measly 38%) you may want to consider other things too. Like the Raps schedule for example...

The 2009-10 season was the last time the Raps were close to the playoffs. They finished 40-42, and finished just 1 game out of the #8 (and final) playoff spot.

We can look at the records to see what went well that season, and what has fallen off significantly since then.

That team went 25-16 at home. By far the best they have done lately. The past 2 seasons combined the Raps are just 29-45 at the ACC. When you win 39% of your home games you are not going to be relevant in the National Basketball Association.

The Raps traditionally struggle on the road (especially the west coast trips). Last 2 seasons their combined road record is a putrid 16-58. That is approximately 2 wins for every 10 road games. Yikes.

It is no coincidence that the Raps last sniff at a playoff spot came when they went an impressive 11-5 in the Atlantic division. There past 2 seasons that has dipped to 12-19.

This slideshow article is a detailed look at this seasons schedule. As you flip through the slides/pages we will look together at the potential ups, and potential downs of this schedule.

One sure thing to keep an eye on is back-to-back games. These scenarios have been brutal for the Raps historically. Last season the team made great strides in many areas under Dwane Casey, but improved play in back-to-backs was not an area that improved.

The Raps went 8-10 in the first leg of the back-to-back scenarios, which is decent-at-best, but they were a season-changing 3-16 in games the next night from a previous game. Add it up and that is 11-26. Yikes. Twice the team won both games, but there were a whopping 9 times the team lost both games.

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Raptors - November 2012

Raptors - November 2012
Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

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2007-08 was also the last season the Raps started the season with a winning month (9-7).

October 31 - Season opener vs Indianapolis Pacers (This was also last seasons home opener...Raps have lost their last 2 home openers)

November 3 - @ Brooklyn Nets (This will be the 2nd game for the new Nets in Brooklyn...This is the Raps 2012-13 Atlantic Division opener).

4 - Minnesota Timberwolves (Last season Amir Johnson went off for 19 points and 11 rebounds at home vs Minny...Landry Fields is just 1 for 9 from downtown in his career vs Minny...The Raps are 20-12 all-time in this match-up)

6 - @ Oklahoma City Thunder (Jose Calderon averages 8.3 assists per game in his career vs OKC...Thunder are 19-12 all-time vs the Raps)

7 - @ Dallas Mavericks (Casey returns to Dallas where he was a top assistant for Rick Carlisle on their championship squad...Andrea Bargnani went off for 30 at Dallas last season in a 99-86 loss)

10 - Philadelphia 76ers (DeMar DeRozan is 0 for 7 from downtown in his career vs 76ers...Kyle Lowry is 15 for 29 from downtown in his career vs 76ers...In the regular season these two are 32-32 against each other)

12 - Utah Jazz (The Raps beat the Jazz last season which snapped a 12 game losing streak to them)

13 - @ Pacers (Last season Calderon had 14 assists in a game at Indy...Roy Hibbert has 9 career blocks vs the Raps, one of his lowest vs any team)

17 - @ Boston Celtics (Ed Davis had 12 rebounds vs the Celtics twice last season...Celtics are the 5-time defending Atlantic champs...Raps were 2-2 vs Boston in Casey's first season, but are a lowly 23-42 all-time vs the C's)

18 - Orlando Magic (Last season Aaron Gray had 11 points and 11 rebounds at the ACC vs the Magic...Raps went 0-3 vs the Magic last season)

20 - @ 76ers (Lowry is from Philly, and he went to school at Villanova University...Davis had 14 rebounds in Philly last season...Johnson had 12 points and 14 in Philly last season)

21 - @ Charlotte Bobcats (Davis nabbed 12 boards at Charlotte last season...Bobcats were a putrid 4-29 at home last season, but they did beat the Raps in Charlotte and at the ACC)

23 - @ Detroit Pistons (Return to Detroit for Raps assistant coach Johnny Davis who hails from there...Pistons have an impressive 45-19 advantage in this match-up)

25 - San Antonio Spurs (DeRozan went off for 29 points last season when the Spurs came to town)

27 - @ Houston Rockets (Davis was impressive with 15 boards last season at Houston...DeRozan went off for 37...For Jonas Valanciunas and Linas Kleiza this is a chance to say hello to fellow Lithuanian - Rockets 7-footer Donatas Motiej┼źnas)

28 - @ Memphis Grizzlies (Fields is a career 5 for 8 from downtown vs the Grizz...Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph combine for career averages of 32 points and 14 rebounds vs the Raps)

30 - Phoenix Suns (Bargnani averages a career-best 21.4 points per game vs the Suns)

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Raptors - December 2012

Raptors - December 2012
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

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The dreaded west coast road trips begin this month.

3 - @ Denver Nuggets (Nuggets fans will be hoping that Calderon has somehow been traded by now as he has torched the Nuggs in the past from downtown. Calderon has made 17 of the 26 3-balls he has attempted vs George Karl's squad)

5 - @ Sacramento Kings (Kleiza averages 12.7 points per game vs the Kings...Tyreke Evans averages 20.5 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game vs the T-Dot)

7 - @ Jazz (Last time the Raps were in Utah, Kleiza went off for 25 points...Johnson averages career-low 2.7 points and 1.8 rebounds per game vs the Jazz)

9 - @ LA Clippers (Gray scores a career-best 7.2 points per game vs the Clippers...DeRozan averages just 10.2 points per game vs the Clipps which is his career-low...Clipps have won the last 2, but the Raps are 19-12 all-time in this match-up)

10 - @ Portland Trail Blazers (Raps rookie Terrence Ross is from Portland...Blazers have won the last 7 games vs the Raps, and are 22-9 all-time)

12 - Nets (Last season in a game at the ACC Alan Anderson had 20 points...Nets coach Avery Johnson averaged 8.6 points and 5.6 assists per game in his career vs the Raptors)

14 - Mavericks (Calderon is just 5 for 25 from downtown in his career vs the Mavs...Dirk Nowitzki averages 23.8 points per game vs the Raps)

16 - Rockets (Bargnani shoots 3-balls at an impressive rate of .593 vs the Rockets...Linsanity comes to town)

18 - @ Cleveland Cavaliers (Last season Johnson had 13 points and 13 rebounds in a game at Cleveland...Raps assistant Scott Roth is from Cleveland)

19 - Pistons (Gray had a dozen points and a dozen rebounds in a tilt at the ACC vs the Pistons last season)

21 - Magic (Homecoming for Mississauga native Andrew Nicholson)

26 - @ Spurs (Johnson averages 7.8 points and 6.5 rebounds per game vs the Spurs...DeRozan averages 19.0 points per game vs the Spurs)

28 - @ New Orleans Hornets (Calderon averages 12.9 points per game vs the Hornets, his career-best ppg vs any team)

29 - @ Magic (New Magic coach Jacque Vaughn made 5 of his 10 career 3-balls vs the Raps in his playing days, and he averaged 5.0 points per game vs Toronto) for all of my Raptors articles

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Raptors - January 2013

Raptors - January 2013

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Happy new year! Raps fans can see plenty of their team this month as 10 of their 15 games are at the ACC.

2 - Trail Blazers (Bargnani average just 11 points per game vs Portland, career-low...Bargs is just 6 for 25 from downtown in his career vs them)

4 - Kings (Lowry shoots a career-best 88% from the foul line vs the Kings...DeRozan averages 17.2 points per game vs the Kings)

6 - OKC (Calderon averages 8.3 assists per game vs the Thunder...OKC big-3 of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden combine to average 58.2 points per game vs the T-Dot)

7 - Now teams can sign players to 10-day contracts

9 - 76ers (Fields has made 7 of 13 shots from downtown in his career vs the Sixers...New Sixer Andrew Bynum has 8 career blocks vs the Raps, his lowest vs any team)

10 - All contracts are now guaranteed until seasons-end

11 - Bobcats (Calderon is just 9 for 35 from downtown vs the Bobcats, Lowry worse at 4 for 22)

13 - Milwaukee Bucks (Calderon had 15 assists last season vs Scott Skiles' crew...DeRozan hit 4 of 6 from downtown in a home game vs the Bucks last season...Bucks have won 7 straight in this match-up, including 7-straight)

15 - @ Nets (Deron Williams averages 18.7 points and 8.7 assists per game, and Joe Johnson averages 19.8 points per game vs the Raps)

16 - Chicago Bulls (Calderon shares the Raps record for assists in a game at 19 with Damon Stoudamire...Calderon did it twice, once vs the Bulls)

18 - @ 76ers (Calderon had 13 assists in a game at Philly last season)

20 - LA Lakers (Last season when the Lakers came to town Calderon went off for 30 in a 2 point loss...Lowry has career-worst numbers vs the Lakers - 6.4 points and 3.5 assists per game...Kobe Bryant averages 28 points per game vs the Raptors)

23 - @ Miami Heat (Bargnani averages 20.2 points per game in his career vs the Heat...In his 4 games vs the Raptors Chris Bosh averages 20 points and 7 rebounds)

24 - @ Magic (ex-Rap Hedo Turkoglu averages 11.6 points per game vs Toronto)

26 - Cavs (Lowry is a career-worst 2 for 17 from downtown in his career vs Cleveland)

28 - Golden State Warriors (Davis averages 10 points and 11.5 rebounds vs the Warriors in his career

30 - @ Atlanta Hawks (Last year in Hotlanta Johnson had a double-double...13 points and 10 rebounds...ATL has won 7 of the last 8 in this match-up)

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Raptors - February 2013

Raptors - February 2013
Mark L. Bear-US PRESSWIRE for all of my Raptors articles


This is a month where DeRozan usually heats up. He averages 18.5 points per game in his career during February.

A lengthy home-stand to open the month will see some good teams come to the ACC.

1 - LAC (Davis averages 13.7 points and 10 rebounds vs the Clipps...Lowry averages a career-best 13.6 points per game vs the Clippers...Fields is 0 for 5 in his career from downtown vs the Clippers)

3 - Heat (Bosh returns to the T-Dot...Miami is 7-0 vs the Raps since Bosh joined them, 4-0 when Bosh plays

6 - Celtics (Davis grabbed a dozen rebounds twice vs the Celtics last season...Rajon Rondo averages 6.7 assists per game vs the Raps, one of his lowest vs any team)

8 - Pacers (Davis grabbed 10 rebounds twice vs Pacers last season)

10 - Hornets (Fields is 1 for 9 from downtown in his career vs the Hornets...Ex-Rap Roger Mason Jr averages 8 points per game vs the Raptors)

12 - Nuggets (Fields averages a career-best 19.0 points per game vs Denver...Kleiza averages a career-high 14.3 points per game)

13 - @ New York Knicks (DeRozan averages a career-best 19.2 vs the Knicks...This is a very close series with the Knicks holding a slight 34-31 edge)

Feb 15-17 is NBA All-Star break

19 - @ Washington Wizards (Last season in a game at Washington Kleiza went off for 30...Terrence Ross went to the University of Washington)

20 - Grizzlies (Calderon averages 12 points per game vs the Grizz...Lowry averages a career-high 8.1 assists per game vs Memphis)

21 - NBA trade deadline

22 - Knicks (DeRozan went off for 30 in a home win vs the Knicks last season...Amar'e Stoudemire averages 23.7 points and 8.7 rebounds per game vs the Raps)

25 - Wizards (Last season in a home game vs the Wiz, Johnson had 18 points and 13 rebounds)

27 - @ Cavs (John Lucas III had 25 in a game vs the Cavs last season...Raps went 3-1 vs the Cavs last season)


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Raptors - March 2013

Raptors - March 2013
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE


Raps have their own version of March madness with road games at Lakers, Celtics, Bucks, and Pistons, plus the defending champs come to town.

1 - Pacers (Calderon averages 8.6 assists per game vs Indy...Pacers swept the season series 3-0 from the Raps last season)

2 - @ Bucks (Last season in a 92-86 road loss to the Bucks the Raps were outscored 30-19 in the 4th quarter...Brandon Jennings averages 17.4 points and 4.7 assists per game vs the Raps)

4 - Warriors (DeRozan had 25 in a win over the Warriors at the ACC last season...The Raps held Golden State to 28 total points in the second-half)

6 - @ Suns (Phoenix is 23-8 all-time vs the Raps, although the Raps did win at Phoenix last season as Bargnani went off for 36)

8 - @ Lakers (Johnson and DeRozan are from California...The Lakers are 25-6 all-time vs the Raps, and all 6 Raps wins were by slim margins...Lakers have dominated the Raps)

10 - Cavs (Raps won a blowout, and lost a close game to the Cavs at the ACC last season. Bargnani had 31 in the victory)

13 - @ Celtics (Raps were outscored by a whopping 58 points in going 0-2 at Boston last season)

15 - Bobcats (Charlotte was 3-30 on the road last season. Yikes. One of those wins was at the ACC)

17 - Heat (Anderson is a career-worst 1 for 15 from downtown vs the Heat...Lucas III had 24 in a game vs the Heat last season...LeBron James averages 27.8 points per game vs the Raps)

20 - @ Bobcats (Davis had a dozen rebounds last season in a game at Charlotte)

22 - Knicks (Johnson has a career-high 30 blocks vs the Knicks...Carmelo Anthony averages 24.1 points per game vs the Raptors)

23 - @ Knicks (Raps have been swept in the season-series 3 times in their history vs the Knicks, and have swept NY one season...Since the Raps '09-'10 sweep the Raps have dropped 6 of 8 in this match-up)

27 - Hawks (Fields is a career-best 9 for 15 from downtown vs the Hawks...Davis had 11 boards in a home game vs the Hawks last season)

29 - @ Pistons (Since a rare 5-game winning streak vs Detroit the Raps have now dropped 5 of 6 to them...Ex-Rap Charlie Villanueva averages 13.4 points per game vs Toronto)

31 - @ Wizards (Lucas III had 25 in a game vs the Wiz last season...He is from Washington, as is Ed Davis

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Raptors - April 2013

Raptors - April 2013
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE


Final 9 games of the season. Will they be meaningful? Time will tell...

1 - Pistons (Raps beat the Pistons at the ACC last season, but Greg Monroe did go off for 30 points and 14 rebounds...Calderon had 15 assists)

3 - Wizards (Calderon had 17 assists in a game vs the Wizards last season...John Wall averages 16.4 points and 8 assists per game vs the Raptors)

5 - @ Timberwolves (The other team Calderon recorded a franchise-best tying 19 assists against was the T-Wolves...Bargnani averages 19.1 points per game vs the T-Wolves...Kevin Love averages a double-double vs the Raps with 16.4 points and 10 boards per game)

6 - @ Bucks (Lowry just 5 for 20 from downtown in his career vs the Bucks...DeRozan 4 for 8)

9 - @ Bulls (Davis has 3 starts vs the Bulls, career-best...Tom Thibodeau is 6-1 vs the Raps)

12 - Bulls (Derrick Rose should be back from injury...He averages 20 points and 8.3 assists per game vs the Raptors)

14 - Nets (Davis has played vs the Nets more than any other franchise...The big fella averages 11.4 points and 8.6 rebounds per game vs the Nets...Anderson averages a career-best 14.3 vs the Nets)

16 - @ Hawks (Lowry averages 13.5 points and 6.4 assists per game vs Atlanta...Josh Smith averages 16 points and 8.5 rebounds per game vs Toronto)

17 - Celtics (Calderon had 14 assists in a game vs the Celtics last season...Paul Pierce averages 21.2 points per game vs the Raps)

The 76ers were the #8 (and final) seed in last seasons playoffs. They were 35-31 in the shortened season. In the 3 full seasons since the Raptors last qualified for the playoffs the average record of the #8 seed is 39-43. In their 17 season history the Raps have been better than 39-43 just 6 times.

There work is cut out for them, but I do feel there is cause for legit optimism for the 2012-13 Toronto Raptors

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