Bovada Sets Odds For NBA MVP

By Trisity Miller
Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

If you’re a betting man (or woman) and you are an avid NBA fan, then you’ll be excited to hear that has released their odds for league MVP this season. Of course, current 3-time MVP Lebron James (19/10) leads the way  followed by Kevin Durant (15/4) and Kobe Bryant (12/1).  The list includes over 30-plus players, including three of the Memphis Grizzlies:

Rudy Gay – 150/1
Marc Gasol – 250/1
Zach Randolph – 350/1

I can be the biggest fan in the world and sit here and talk about how these three players are ranked too low, but for one of these three to win a lot would have to happen including someone kidnapping Lebron James. If it was to happen, the Grizzlies would have to finish first in both the Western Conference and first overall in the NBA. And for that to happen they’d probably have to win between 55 or 65 games, but they just don’t have the firepower or the talent for that to happen.

And no disrespect to Rudy Gay, but if a player on this Grizzlies team was to ever walk away as the league’s Most Valuable Player, it’d be the most valuable player on the team in Gasol. The media would choose the “sexier” pick in Gay or Randolph, but without Marc in the middle this team isn’t the same. But it’s highly possible that Gay emerges as the player and elite scorer that most think he is or that Z-Bo returns to his 2011 playoff form and lead the team to a top-3 seed in the West.

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