Rudy Gay's Preseason Shooting a Cause of Concern?

By Trisity Miller

I’m not sure how long players can live off of the potential card before reality sets in. Rudy Gay is one of those players. He’s the key component to whether the Memphis Grizzlies can be a good team or a really good team in the Western Conference, but if we are to base anything off of his shooting woes in the preseason, then this team is in a world of trouble come October 31st when they take on a hungry Los Angeles Clippers team.

With six games played, Rudy Gay is 19th in the league in scoring with 13.8 points per game. That doesn’t sound bad, but it’s how he’s getting those 13 points that’s concerning. To get 13 points he’s had to shoot 14 shots per game while only making 4.8. Yes that’s an abysmal 35% from the field. To make things worse his shooting from behind the arc has been worse. Gay’s only made three out of 15 three-pointers or 20% of his shots.

He’s showed that even when his jumper isn’t falling he still settles over the defense instead of getting to the lane and to the free throw line. He showed this a bit during the first round playoff series against the Clippers. His good game were those where he didn’t settle and worked off of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. His bad games were those where he settled for jumpers.

But it’s only the preseason. Maybe he’s just doing whatever he has to do to get through these useless games that mean absolutely nothing, which is what I assume, but his poor shooting is something that an eye should be kept on with the season starting in eight days.

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