Where is Jeremy Lin?

By Thomas Duffy
Brett Davis – US PRESSWIRE

Has Jeremy Lin fallen off the Earth? Last season was pure “Linsanity,” as he took the New York Knicks on a roller coaster of ups, downs, riveting wins, and painstaking losses. But over the off season, Lin was not retained by New York, and instead signed a $25 million deal with the Houston Rockets, which was one of three teams to cut him from their roster in 2012. Lin says that he is, “happy to be a Rocket again!” but was also said this to GQ Magazine on his desire to play for the Knicks:

“You can’t ask for a city or a fan base to embrace somebody more than they embraced me. I know it’s kind of silly to talk about it with only two years under my belt in the league, but going in before free agency, I was like, ‘I want to play in front of these fans for the rest of my career.’ I really did. I really wanted to play in front of the Madison Square Garden fans for the rest of my career, because they’re just unbelievable.”

Anytime I would turn on SportsCenter last year, all I saw was Lin-this and Lin-that, then he signed with the Rockets, and now I haven’t heard from him since. What happened to the Tebow-esque frenzy that Lin caused? As a Knicks fan, I appreciate what he did for New York last season, and I wish him well on the Rockets. I am sure that Lin will play at a high level, but he may not take over the league like he did last season, simply because the Houston press isn’t as prominent as the media in NY. If someone else had Lin’s numbers on a different team than the Knicks last season, the craze may not have been as intense.

That leads me to wonder, could 2012-2013 be the end of “Linsanity” as we know it?

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