Detroit Pistons Like Rodney Stuckey’s Three-Point Shooting Potential


Rodney Stuckey’s 3-point shooting could be solid gold for the Detroit Pistons if he reaches the potential expected of him by coach Lawrence Frank.

Stuckey is shooting 31.8 percent in threes during the preseason. In his NBA career, he’s at 24.1 percent.

“Look, Rodney works at it every single day and worked at it all summer, he’s got great balance and base and he’s got a good looking stroke,” Frank said. “When you look at how his shot has evolved over the years, he’s become a lot more proficient shooter. But you still want him to attack, so it’s a balance between the drive, free throws, and threes, and as long as you have that balance, it’s a great arsenal to have.”

Frank also likes the way Stuckey has been aggressive.

“The good thing is, especially when the calls aren’t going your way, I thought he does a good job of keeping his composure,” Frank said. “Obviously there’s a lot of calls that can go either way, and (on occasion) they didn’t go his way but he still stayed in it. Then when you stay mentally engaged, like he did, then you’re able to hit that huge three. So by Rod staying in it, he was able to make that big shot for us.”

Stuckey is ready to be an offensive leader for the Pistons.

“Obviously we get into the moment of truth and similar things happen that we just have to continue to get better at,” he said. “We’re putting ourselves in position and the next step is learning how to finish out games from all standpoints: from a coaching standpoint and from a playing standpoint.”

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