Shaq Gives Dwight Howard The Kobe Treatment

By Kaylyn Neely

Ever since Dwight Howard joined the Los Angeles Lakers roster, Shaquille O’Neal has made both passive aggressive comments and issuing full-out insults to Howard via various sports media outlets.

Recent digs by Shaq include choosing Robin Brooke Lopez, and Andrew Bynum as the top centers in the league, as well as telling the New Orleans Times Picayune that he won’t care about Howard until he “wins three rings.”

It seems Shaq doesn’t have any interviews booked in the near future because he has taken to insulting new Superman in a method that has previously only been reserved for Kobe Bryant.

Does this video look kind of familiar? If so, it’s because Shaq has insulted Bryant via freestyle raps before.

WARNING: The following video includes offensive language, so don’t watch if you don’t like bad words.

Although, the vibe and lyrics of the video where Shaq “disses” Howard are a lot less malice than the one where he targets Kobe. Shaq and Kobe’s issues, as noted in the video, are both personal and professional. Shaq’s not exactly being TNT halftime show friendly to Howard either.

Shaq’s message is clear. He wants to make sure people remember that he is better than Howard. But truthfully, Shaq isn’t better than Howard. He was. 

It has to be hard for Shaq to watch another center living in his city, soaking up the love and attention that was once reserved for him, playing for his team and using his nickname. Regardless, Shaq’s bashing of Howard isn’t going to improve his own legacy or tarnish Howard’s.

The only one Shaq’s making look bad is himself.

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