Dallas Mavericks Need To Let Delonte West Go

By Derek Ayala
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Delonte West has been suspended indefinitely by the Dallas Mavericks. This is the second suspension in two weeks given to West by the team. As much as he could be a great asset for the Mavericks, it may be time to just let him go.

I hate to say this because I know that West does have problems and the Mavs have the best organization that could help him, but when it comes down to it, the team needs to do what’s best for them. The last thing the Mavs want is distraction and West seems like a huge one.

Nobody knows what the reason was for the suspension, but rumors are now flowing that he and another member of the Mavs organization got into it. The media may not know right now anytime soon, but I am sure in the coming days, we will find out exactly what is going on.

With that said, it is time to release West. If he is going to be a distraction, then it will kill the chemistry on this team and the last thing the Mavs need is something that destroys their focus on the court and off.

After the suspension, West was not quite about it. He went to Twitter to give out his thoughts on what’s going on.

“I’m gonna just pray for um!!!…perception is not reality!!!..real is real…in any language,culture…and what’s wrong is what’s wrong!!”

“All my family friends fans…who been right der wit me this uphill battle over the last 4years to get to this point….already know”

“That my name showing up in any fashion in a negative light is the worst thing that can happen.everything Ived worked towards out d window”

“just ask u to talk with me….I’m a grown man…that’s not above logic and reason…Before u go to the papers wit false information.”

“If I’m not what u lookin 4 ….That’s fine…just dont kick me in my ass on the way out the door….I didn’t do anything to deserve that…”

“I love the city of Dallas..I love playin in the NBA…no I’m not off my meds…no I ain’t on no bipolar trip…this real people lives.”

“And it just ain’t right..imma leave it at that..no ill will towards no one…I’m just sittin here across from the arena wit tears in my eyes”

With all this said, there no doubt in my mind that West is a huge distraction for the Mavericks and they do not need that right now. It may be awful to let someone go that has these types of problems, but every player in the NBA knows that the league is a business and if any player is not mentally ready to play or causes issues off the court, then any team is going to do what’s best for its company.


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