Time For The National Media To Stop Bashing Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

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Cleveland Cavaliers Fans And Lebron James

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Now that Lebron James has finally won his NBA title, will the national media please stop beating up on Cleveland Cavaliers fans?

For the last two seasons, the talking heads from around the country have loved bringing up how upset Cleveland fans were with “The Decision,” but they rarely put the whole situation into context. The video of a fan burning James’ jersey has been shown countless times over the last two years, and national media members tend to make it sound like Cleveland fans were only upset at James because he left as a free agent.

To make the whole thing worse, many of these same media members said over and over that the move to the Miami Heat was justified because James won an NBA title at the end of the 2011-2012 season while the Cavaliers have struggled for the last two years.

As the 2012-2013 is getting ready to start, Cleveland fans are hoping that this bashing from the national media will finally stop. Cleveland fans know they had every right to be upset, and they know that many people around the country don’t really understand the whole ordeal. Many people love James and that’s fine. The guy is extremely talented and is a great, great basketball player.

In order to help fans around the country understand the whole situation a little better, though, and in order to help defend Cavs fans and Miami Heat haters, I have put together a list of a few reasons why I believe the national media has been wrong about Cavs fans’ opinions on The King, and why all of this drives many Cleveland fans crazy.

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Cleveland Fans Had Plenty Of Reasons To Be Upset

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First of all, if James had just left as a somewhat normal free agent, fans would have been more disappointed than mad.

The problem was not just that he left, it was how he left. He left the team and the city hanging for a long time, the Cavs had no option to trade him for good players, and he held the self-promoting TV special that made Cleveland fans feel sick. He really may have just wanted to raise money for children with the special, but the program came off terribly and just served to twist the knife that many fans felt he stabbed in their backs.

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Lebron James Had Plenty Of Great Games, And Some Not-So-Great Games In Cleveland

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James had some great games in the playoffs, and had several clutch performances while he was in Cleveland.

Fans will never forget his great series against the Detroit Pistons to send Cleveland to the NBA Finals, his great playoff games against the Boston Celtics or his buzzer-beating playoff game shot against the Orlando Magic.

He also had some bad games in big situations, though, particularly in his last playoff series as a member of the Cavs. Many fans thought he quit, and they were mad at him for that the end of that last season, whether it was justified or not.

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Lebron James Did Not Have To Leave To Win

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This idea that he had to leave the Cavs in order to win is ridiculous and makes the Cavs look foolish. The team had the best record in the NBA for two straight seasons, and management put talent around James.

Maybe the talent mix wasn’t perfect for the playoffs, but maybe part of the problem was that James would not go inside to score and was relying on his jump shot too much. If he had stayed, the team would still be contending for an NBA title and may have won one already.

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Plenty Of Reasons Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Were Bad After Lebron James Left

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National media members like to point out that the Cavs were terrible after James left, but they never mention that several other key players also left. If everyone had stayed except for James, and if everyone had stayed healthy, the 2010-2011 team would have been much better than it was.

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Some Cleveland Fans Are Happy For Lebron James

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While many Cavs fans don’t like James, some were actually happy for him that he won a title. Most would agree that it was good to see him posting up, taking the ball inside and making big plays in the clutch. They would have rather seen him do all of that in Cleveland, but it was good to see the progress he made.

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Lebron Who? We Have Kyrie Irving And Dion Waiters Now

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Now that two years have past, most fans are focused on more important topics, like if Kyrie Irving is going to be a superstar, how Dion Waiters is going to fit in, and if the team can make a playoff run soon. The fans in Cleveland care a lot more about the players wearing the Wine and Gold than they do about any players who took their talents to the beach.

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