Memphis Trading Rudy Gay for Tyreke Evans? Bill Simmons Thinks So

By Trisity Miller

Rudy Gay has been on the trading block for years now and Bill Simmons thinks this is the year he’s finally traded.

On NBA Countdown, Simmons, Jalen Rose and Mike Wilbon participated in a segment where they each stated a few bold predictions for the season. Simmons’ prediction was that Gay and Tyreke Evans will be the first two players traded this season. He also thinks that they will be traded for each other.

While Rudy Gay isn’t perfect, I’m sure myself and the rest of Grizz Nation would love to say thanks, but no thanks Simmons. This team is already one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the NBA and adding his 20% to the team isn’t going to help the Memphis Grizzlies in any way.

Look at the numbers from last year between the two:

While the differences in the stats look highly similar, Tyreke Evans replacing Rudy Gay won’t make this team better. If Evans is replacing a Josh Selby or Tony Wroten Jr., then I’d be welcome to a trade that’ll allow him to play in the sixth man role, but him being the starting small forward on a team that features Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph doesn’t make this team better.

Whether Rudy is traded at the deadline is a solid thought though. You can’t say it hasn’t worked with him because he and Zach Randolph haven’t been on the same accord in the playoffs due to injuries, but if the right offer are presented (Eric Gordon) the pressure will be on management to do the right thing.


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