NBA Enforces “Reggie Miller” Rule

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

Six years after his retirement, Reggie Miller, a 2012 inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketlball Hall of Fame, is still making an impact on the court. Recently, the NBA has invoked a penalty against any player who kicks his leg out during a shot, in attempts to try and make contact with a defensive player for an easy foul.

This penalty has been quickly tagged as the “Reggie Miller” rule, due to the fact that the Hall-of-Fame guard made much of his career infuriating other players, drawing fouls, and shooting game-winning foul shots. Miller put up 6,237 points on free throw attempts in his 18-year career, which is just outside of the top-ten in NBA history.

Reggie Miller was a victim of the Michael Jordan era. Miller may not have won an NBA championship during his 18-year career, but that does not discount his impact on the league. The inception of a “Reggie Miller” rule in the NBA shows less about the leagues’ effort to control crafty players, and more about Miller’s ability to sneak around the rules, and to creep through the cracks and the loopholes that were established during his time in the league.

For all of his attempts to bend the rules, and all of his tricky tendencies, Miller was just as much respected in the NBA as he was revered. The inclusion of a “Reggie Miller” rule six years after his retirement goes to show that Miller was just as polarizing as he was passionate during his career in the NBA.

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