Chicago Bulls: Ryan Allen and Marko Jaric Released

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Bradley Leeb- US Presswire

This past Wednesday, the Chicago Bulls released guards Ryan Allen and Marko Jaric. Both players were added onto the roster during training camp but saw little action during the preseason.

By waiving the two guards, Chicago cut its roster down to 13 players, with the final roster consisting of 12 players due on October 29th by 4:00 pm.

Allen, the rookie from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and brother of  Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen, was a 6’3 guard thought to be another player who could run the point, but with veteran guard Kirk Hinrich and rookie guard Marquis Teague in front of him on the depth chart, he never got the chance.

Through two preseason games, he only averaged .5 minutes per game.

The last time Jaric–a seven year veteran–donned an NBA jersey was in the 2008-2009 season when he played for the Grizzlieswhere he averaged 2.6 points and 1.2 rebounds per game. Since then, he has played for Real Madrid (2009-2010) and in the Italian League (2010-2011).

Jaric was added to the roster in hopes that the 6’7 swing-man would play small forward behind starter Luol Deng or possibly see time at shooting guard behind Rip Hamilton. Neither happened, as Jaric managed only .3 rebounds per game per 3.5 minutes in four preseason games.

The Bulls have five days until they open up the regular season against the Sacramento Kingsbut they only have three to figure out who will the last player on the current roster to be released. While many players have shown growth and promise, many have also stumbled and shown weaknesses throughout their game.

With that being said, the roster Chicago has now is a solid one, meaning that Chicago’s upper management is going to be faced with a difficult decision come October 29th.

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