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NBA Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons’ Huge Deficits Concern Rodney Stuckey


The Detroit Pistons still have that tendency to fall far behind – too far behind – to consider themselves to be close to being a championship contender in the NBA.

They fell behind by almost 30 points earlier this week to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a preseason game.

The problem with the Pistons is that they don’t have the firepower yet to come back from such a deficit. Not many teams do.

Rodney Stuckey and Greg Monroe agree.

“We let them do whatever they wanted,” Stuckey said. “We weren’t assertive. They outworked us, got every loose ball. We got outrebounded tonight for the first time this preseason. We played bad.

“Hopefully it was one of those nights. We can’t come out and play like that. The result is going to be what it was tonight. We have to come out with more energy, execute and rebound the ball. It was just one of those nights. We’ll get better.”

“We just didn’t make shots,” Monroe said. “We do have to be a little more aggressive and play with more energy, but I don’t know if it’s anything more than that.”

For one thing, the Pistons can’t afford to fall behind by 29 points.

“I wouldn’t say it’s alarming,” Monroe said. “We do have to play better. We do have to come out with more energy, especially on the road; pay attention to more detail.”

The team’s failure to play better on the road is something coach Lawrence Frank needs to cure in a hurry. After the season opener next Wednesday at home against the Houston Rockets, the Pistons play six straight games on the road.