LeBron James : 'I Want To Be The Best Of All-Time'

By Aime Mukendi
US Presswire-Steve Mitchell

LeBron James wants to become the best basketball player of all time.

It is a fair aspiration but it won’t happen.

Even if Charles Barkley believes in him. Not even if Duke University’s men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski believes that James can have a 20 assist game.

Will James win six NBA championships and six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Awards with the Miami Heat?

Despite their off-season additions, it is seemingly impossible for the Heat to go on such a run.

Although he is the best possible position to execute such a task the game of basketball is not the same as it was during the 1990’s.

It is fair to say that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook can become James’ John Stockton and Karl Malone and Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls can become his New York Knicks, but can James ultimately evolve into a player that surpasses the greatness of Michael Jordan?

Can he dominate these three players and their two teams the way that Jordan dominated every team that he faced during his postseason career?

Personally, I don’t believe that James can ever be regarded as a better player than Jordan but his new approach to the game is a step in the right direction. James’ personality will not allow him to every say that he is the best but his humility allows him to play in a way that may speak for itself when it comes to deciding who will be the best of all time.

It has been said many times before that, “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t,” and James needs at least six rings to show that people like Barkley, speak the truth.

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