Miami Heat Waives Garrett Temple

By Daniel Carpio

The Miami Heat has made their final roster cut of training camp today by waiving Garrett Temple. The team is now preparing for the first game of the 2012-13 NBA regular season.

When Temple was signed by Miami to fill up the training camp roster, he wasn’t expected to have a real chance at making the team. That quickly changed when he took to the court; Temple opened the eyes of Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra along with the rest of the staff with his ability to penetrate in the paint, his shooting, and especially his decision making when playing at the point.

Those skills took Temple from being a long shot to stay in Miami to being in a battle with Terrel Harris for the final roster spot. It looked like scales were starting to tilt in Temple’s favor when the Heat were in China, but it soon leveled out with the return of Mario Chalmers from injury. That cut into the minutes that Temple had to further make his case. Another factor against him was that Harris was the better defender of the two. That skill is valued highly in the eyes of the Heat.

The last factor that most likely went against Temple when compared to Harris was something he couldn’t replicate. That factor is that Harris already a year in Miami under his belt.

Look for the Heat to keep an eye on Temple if he’s not picked up by other teams during the season.

With this move Miami now a league mandated 15 man roster with 12 players from last season coming back. The three new players to the Heat are Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, and Josh Harrellson.

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