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NBA Cleveland Cavaliers

The Odds Are Slim, But Here’s How The Cleveland Cavaliers Could Win The NBA Title

David-Richard (US Presswire)

Do you want to make an easy $2,500? Well, then, just put down $10 on the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the 2012-2013 NBA Championship.

I’ll agree that it’s highly unlikely, and I would never actually suggest you should bet or do anything illegal, but stranger things have happened.

Seriously, if aging rock star (and I use the term “rock star” loosely) Meatloaf can be campaigning with Mitt Romney, then anything can happen. And yes, Meatloaf really was on stage with Romney at a campaign rally in Ohio this week. It is a crazy world.

And the world will be a little crazier if the Cavs come out of nowhere to win the title. The odds of this happening are 250 to 1, but here is how it could happen.

The Cavs start off the season slowly, as they have a lot of new players on the roster, and the team is very young.

The schedule is filled with tough games in November and the team only gets a few wins. Everyone immediately writes off the Cavs. The team does a little better in December as the players get more used to each other and to Coach Byron Scott’s system.

Around Christmas, you start telling everyone that you are buying Cavs playoff tickets. Tell lots of people. Put it in your Christmas cards. Talk about it when your relatives are videotaping the big family dinner.

In January, the schedule opens up for the Cavs and they win 11 games or so. By the end of the month, people are starting to notice that Kyrie Irving is an All-Star and rookies Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller are playing like the high draft picks they are.

In addition, C.J. Miles looks like the free agent pick-up of the year, and NBA fans who haven’t seen much of Anderson Varejao over the last two seasons, remember that this guy is really good. Tristan Thompson also becomes a force down low.

In February and March, the team keeps improving and finally gets above .500. In April, Irving scores 53 one night and then Omri Casspi scores 37 the next. The team makes the playoffs as an eighth seed.

The Cavs get the defending champion Miami Heat in the first round. The Heat had a great regular season, but the team is decimated by injuries. Ray Allen, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are all hurt. Only Lebron James is playing well, but he can’t carry the entire team and can’t overcome the pressure of having to win in Cleveland. The Cavs are too strong inside and win the series in six.

In the next round, Cleveland’s defense shuts down the New York Knicks offense, and New York has no answer for Irving and Miles. Cavs win in five.

In the conference finals, the Cavs get the Philadelphia 76ers. Center Andrew Bynum had a great year but is injured once again. The Cavs lose the first game, but win the series when Waiters scores 43 and Irving scores 30 in Game 7.

In the Finals, the Cavs get the Los Angeles Lakers, who also had a great season. This is the match-up Irving wanted when he challenged Kobe Bryant to a game of one-on-one last summer. Steve Nash can’t guard Irving, Bryant and Pau Gasol are slowed down by injuries and the Cavs defense.   Led by Varejao, Cleveland shuts Dwight Howard down on the boards and forces him to shoot outside, which he does not do well.

Alonzo Gee and Samardo Samuels both have huge games, leading people around the country to say, “Who are they?”, and Luke Walton hits a game-winner. The Cavs win the title in 6.

You get to tell your friends that you called it, and end up pocketing an extra $2,500.  You can also relish the thought that you need to send that Rant writer a few bucks to thank him.