Deron Williams: "Raymond Felton is better than Jeremy Lin"

By Thomas Duffy
Rich Barnes – US PRESSWIRE

Brooklyn Nets PG Deron Williams: “I would say Raymond Felton is a better point guard than Jeremy Lin, in my opinion.”

If you recall, Lin, who is now a member of the Houston Rockets, had his breakout game on Jan. 4 against none other than the then-New Jersey Nets and Williams. Lin had 25 points and led the New York Knicks to a crucial victory.

So after being the first to experience “Linsanity,” what is Williams’ reason for choosing Felton as the better alternative?

“[Felton] is proven. You’ll have to see Jeremy Lin. He had a heck of a run. The numbers he was putting up were All-Star type numbers when he was starting, so we’ll see how he does this year. But going off of track record, you know I’m going to go with Raymond Felton. Ray probably had his best year that half season he was [in New York]. I guess he likes the bright lights.”

I do agree with Williams: Felton is a better player than Lin. Lin’s ability to drive and dish is outweighed by Felton’s ability to create shots for himself and for others, and Felton is also the better defender.

D-Will did not appreciate the fact that Lin went off against him in their first match-up, so the next time the two played, Williams gave Lin an NBA reality check. He finished with 38 points and six assists en route to a 100-92 victory over New York.

Williams will face Felton in the season opener on Nov. 1 in the first NBA regular season game for the new Brooklyn Nets. Hopefully, his opinion rings true,and Felton proves himself as the PG that his All-Star peers, such as Williams, believe him to be.

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