Goodbye Letter To Delonte West

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

To Delonte West:

You may not have been a member of the Dallas Mavericks for long, but the time that you were here you became an instant fan favorite. The attitude you brought to the team was the first time that the Mavs had since that month they had Dennis Rodman.

I remember the day that  it was announced the Mavs signed you. I told myself “What kind of mess will Delonte get into here.” However, you proved me and Mavs Nation wrong. Fans will never forget when you thought it would be funny to put your finger into Gordon Hayward’s ear. Fans will never know what is going into that Delonte head of yours.

Fans will remember the Delonte talk you had and when you tried to recruit Deron Williams or “Dwill” with your language. It was nice “mane man.”

Mavs fans really do appreciate everything you did for the team and everything you did for the city. It could be the distraction of Lamar Odom that the front office did not really notice the distraction you supposedly brought to the team that did not cost you suspensions last year.

Although, the supposed fight that you had with two other Mavericks cost you your time in Dallas since a “timeout” was not enough discipline, the Mavs Nation will always have a special place in their heart for you.

Even though your time in North Texas went by quicker than Big Tex going up in flames, the Mavs Nation wishes you the best in your future and hope to bring success to the next team you play for. If for some reason you are not playing this season on another team then just sit back on your couch and relax. Just watch the Mavs on your big screen and see if they made the right decision in letting you go. Until then, Good luck and good-bye, Delonte.



Mavs Nation