Hurricane Sandy's Effect on the NBA

By Thomas Duffy
Greg M. Cooper – US PRESSWIRE

Hurricane Sandy is ravaging the East Coast. Living in New Jersey, I am seeing firsthand the damage being caused by the storm, notably tearing up the Jersey Shore and Long Beach Island boardwalks. Sandy is affecting the travel schedules and routes of NBA teams, as well, specifically on the east coast of the country.

The NBA season tips off tomorrow, but those games won’t be affected due to the locations that were already in place. The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets open the season squaring off in Brooklyn on Thursday November 1st, and although the storm looks to be cleared up by then, the area could be damaged, and will definitely be wet. The Knicks/Nets game will probably be the most influenced by Sandy.

Second in projected influence to the NYK/BKN game will be the Philadelphia 76ers hosting the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday October 31. Sandy is projected to be hitting Philly in full force just at the time that the Nuggets and 76ers are supposed to take the court. However, it will be on a lesser scale than when it hits New York, as the longer the storm strays from the ocean, the weaker it becomes.

Further north is the Toronto Raptors taking on the Indiana Pacers. Being that the Toronto area is not supposed to be hit as hard as the New York/New Jersey region, it is unlikely that the Pacers and Raptors will face any setbacks in getting their game in.

Here’s hoping that Hurricane Sandy does less damage to the east coast than projected, and we as fans, get to enjoy some quality basketball being played this week.

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