Philadelphia 76ers Player Preview

By Emily Gruver
Howard Smith

Lavoy Allen-PF

Lavoy had an average season last year. Although Allen only averaged four points per game last year, he made a pretty big impact on the team, especially when Spencer Hawes was out for most of the season due to injury. Heading into this season, the Philadelphia 76ers are hoping for an even better season out of their forward.

Andrew Bynum-C

During this past off-season, the Sixers signed All-Star center Andrew Bynum and this was practically Christmas for all Sixers fans. Bynum will be the number one option so all eyes are on him on how he will handle this new role. There is no doubt that Bynum will make an immediate impact for the Sixers after just looking at the numbers he put up last year, he just needs to stay healthy and give 100 percent every game.

Spencer Hawes-C

Last season, Hawes dealt with several injuries, so heading into this season, he is hoping to stay healthy all year long. If he can, it will be huge for the 76ers because he does a lot for this team, both offensively and defensively.

Jrue Holiday-PG

Right now, Holiday is the 76ers’ franchise point guard and a huge part of this team. I think people are still waiting to see more out of him, and hopefully this is the year he steps up. I truly believe in this guy and we all know the potential and talent he has.

Jason Richardson-SG

Richardson was a pretty good addition to this team. He is a very good shooter and a 11-year veteran, so that will be a positive for the Sixers.

Evan Turner-SG

This is Turner’s year to shine. After being in the league for two years, everyone is waiting to see if this guy will be a star or a bust. Turner has a lot of potential and talent and I think this is his year to take over. We saw a lot of explosiveness and a bright future out of Turner last season. If he can raise his points per game from 9.4 to 15, that will make a huge impact.

Dorell Wright-SF

Wright is a great shooter and will really help out the Sixers. Last season, Wright averaged 10.3 points per game and 4.6 rebounds per game. It is great that he is a forward because Sixers traded away Andre Iguodala, who also is a small forward.

Nick Young-SG

Young is another great addition to this 76ers team. He is a great shooter and will make a big impact. Last year, Young averaged 14.2 points per game, which will really help out the Sixers scoring-wise.

Thaddeus Young-SF

Thad is one of the hardest workers out there. Day in and day out, he gives his all. Young means so much to this team and he just needs to keep doing what he’s doing and keep playing with heart. Thaddeus is a very underrated, a very talented NBA player and a huge asset for the Sixers.

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