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NBA Los Angeles Lakers

Preview: The Los Angeles Lakers Season Opener

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Dallas Mavericks in their season home opener at the Staples Center.

The Mavericks ended their preseason with a record of 4 wins and 4 loses. They fared much better than the Lakers who lost every game.

Does preseason matter? No. Is it meaningless? No.

The Mavericks took some pretty big hits to their roster in the offseason. They lost Jason Terry and Jason Kidd but signed Chris KamanO.J. Mayo, Darren CollisonElton BrandEddie Curry and rookie Jae CrowderDirk Nowitzki and Vince Carter stayed put.

Although, the Mavericks have flown under the radar, they still have a very deep roster.

Both Nowitzki and Kaman are injured and will not play. Nowitzki is still recovering from knee surgery and Kaman is sidelined with a strained calf.

The Lakers have a pretty good team as well but they also have the same problem as the Mavs, their starting line up isn’t ready yet.

Kobe Bryant is still sidelined with a foot injury and will be a game day decision. He hasn’t participated in practice in a week.

No one was expecting that two starting Lakers could possibly be handing out towels and Gatorade for most of the season opener instead of playing.

Pau Gasol told ESPN Los Angeles:

“I don’t know, I have my doubts,” said Gasol. “I hope we (have him in the lineup). … He hasn’t been able to practice for six days. He’s been off that foot for six days, and it’s no joke. I don’t remember the last time that he took that many days off exercising. He might do stuff in the weight room and might do stuff without putting weight on the foot, but it’s a little bit concerning.”

Meanwhile, according to ESPNDwight Howard, is expected to play on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Howard told ESPN:

“I’m still in the process of rehabbing,” Howard said. “I would say now, if I was compared to a house, I have a foundation and the walls and everything throughout, but there’s no carpet on the floor. There’s no heating. So, right now the foundation is there, that’s what we’re building on. We’re building on the foundation.”

Howard also points out that he trusts his new team to protect him, stating, “I’m sure teams will do their best to go at me on both ends of the floor,” Howard said. “My back is strong enough. It’s not about strength at this point. It’s about how long can the muscles around my back last without getting fatigued.”