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NBA Miami Heat

LeBron James Focused On The Task At Hand

Us Presswire-Steve Mitchell

LeBron James is the number one reason why the Miami Heat won the 2012 NBA championship and why they will win the 2013 NBA championship.

James’ approach to this season will determine how  successful the Heat will be in their title-defense. In his younger years he was criticized for his lack of focus and seriousness when approaching the season.

Last year he shed such criticisms when he played with an “all business” type of attitude.

James said in a recent ESPN.com story that he is not even excited for ring night, he is more focused on the game,

“Winning it was what I dreamed of, I never dreamed of actually having the ring ceremony,” James said. “So I’m just like whatever. I think it’s going to be a special night and I’m going to be excited for it. But the game is what I’m more focused on than actually receiving the ring.”

James  has even shunned any extra expectations or commentary that will or has come from him winning his first ring.

“Everybody has been gunning for us since I’ve come here, they’ve all gunned for us, so it doesn’t change,” James said. “For me, it’s just the start of a new year.”

James’ new mindset and maturity has always been the missing piece for the most talented basketball player of all-time. After the way he played in the 2011 NBA Finals, it appeared that James may never have that piece. Yet now that he has it, along with the best supporting cast he has ever had.

James in past times could be known for talking as much as he plays with sound bites like, “Not one, not two…” has now realized that he needs to talk less and play more, harder, faster, stronger, and essentially be the piece that pushes the Heat over the top.