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LeBron James Will Always Have Edge Over Kevin Durant In MVP Race

Steve Mitchell- US PRESSWIRE

LeBron James will always edge Kevin Durant in the vote for regular season NBA Most Valuable Player of the Year award.

It’s pretty simple. James’ is so versatile that although Durant will score more points and probably will have a better overall record, James will have a bigger effect on how good the Miami Heat are.

Durant has NBA champion center in Kendrick Perkins, James has a face up power forward turned center in Chris Bosh. Durant has an all-star point guard in Russell Westbrook, James has a point guard whose best skill is his ability to shoot three pointers in Mario Chalmers. Durant has a NBA all-defensive team power forward in Serge Ibaka, James essentially is his team’s power forward.

In other words James does more for his team than Durant can or will ever do.

James is his team’s best scorer, defender, passer, rebounder, and he is the best overall player in the league along with being the reigning NBA Finals MVP and regular season MVP.

Although the Heat are a better overall team, the areas in which they got better will only allow James to become an even better stat-sheet stuffer.

Durant’s biggest edge on James is his ability to make late-game jump shots and he shoots better from the free-throw line. James is a better defender, rebounder, passer, and has a higher basketball IQ.

In reality it will come down to who voters like more at the end of March and April. And in three of the last four years James has been that player. And it’s always been because of the long list of ways in which he makes his team better, a list Durant will never have.