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NBA Denver Nuggets

Ty Lawson Agrees To Contract Extension With Denver Nuggets


At this point in his career, Ty Lawson is one of the better point guards in the NBA. The Denver Nuggets speedster is improving every year and it looks like he is going to be an upper echelon guy for a long time. On Tuesday, Lawson took to Twitter to announce an extension with the team. Nothing like a primary source for confirmation.

The Nuggets are going to be one fun team to watch this year.  They play an uptempo style and they enjoy pressing teams on defense.  Thanks to Lawson, they are able to do that with the best of them.  Unlike some players that struggle due to their size, Lawson uses his superior speed to make up for any short comings that he has.

His offensive game is expanding and I expect that Lawson is going to be a very prolific shooter by the team that he retires.  The Nuggets were smart to get him locked up because he would have commanded a lot of money on the open market.  Teams respect his abilities and I know that he is a matchup nightmare for a lot of teams.

The Nuggets are going to be one of the teams that you need to watch this year.  They are going to make basketball extremely fun and Lawson is going to be the lynchpin that drives it all.