Boston Celtics: Team Defense Lousy in Opener to Miami

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Boston Celtics lost last night to the Miami Heat 120-107 in South Beach and their defense looked downright awful.  A team that prides itself on the defensive end should never allow 120 points in a basketball game, even to a team as potent as Miami.

The Celtics struggled the entire game defensively and the Heat got way too many open looks.  The problem the Celtics always seem to face when they play Miami is that some no named guy always kills then.  Ray Allen, is certainly a well-known commodity, but there is always someone other than Lebron James or Dwayne Wade who always hurts them.  Typically, it is Shane Battier, Mike Miller, James Jones, or designated Celtics killer Mario Chalmers.

The Celtics absolutely have to get better defensively as the season progresses.  They allowed the Heat to shoot 54% from the field and 50% from three point range.  Both of those numbers are unacceptable and head coach Doc Rivers will certainly have a lot of changes to make for the team’s next game against Milwaukee at home on Friday night.

The team’s pick and roll defense was very poor.  They actually did a decent job on the defensive glass, limiting the Heat’s second chance opportunities.  Overall, Miami shot way too high of a percentage from the field and to be considered an elite team in this league, you simply cannot allow that to happen.  I can’t even remember the last time the Celtics allowed 120 points to an opposing team in regulation.  It is a pretty sickening number.  The good news is there are 81 games left to play and the team will obviously improve between now and the playoffs in May.  That is the exciting part to look out for, especially with Avery Bradley’s return in December.  He is as good a perimeter defender as you will find and provides the team another lock down defender in the back court.

Rivers certainly has a lot to work on with the team in the next few days, but what team doesn’t at this stage of the game?


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