NBA Dallas Mavericks

Darren Collison Could Be The Best Point Guard In Dallas Mavericks History


After last night’s victory over the Los Angeles Lakers the one person that the fans of the Dallas Mavericks need to be excited about is Darren Collison. This is the first time in a long time that I can remember that the Mavs actually have a point guard who could become the greatest guard in their franchise history. Even better than Steve Nash and Jason Kidd.

What Mavs fans are seeing is what Devin Harris was suppose to be. Collison can be the guy that can control the flow of the game as well as not being afraid to take it to the basket. Dallas has never had a point guard with both combinations.

I believe that Collison, once comfortable, under Rick Carlisle’s system that he will be able to average 8-12 assists a game as well as 15-20 points a game. Once Dirk Nowitzki returns from his injury then I believe that Collison will instantly find a connection with Nowitzki and those two will become a great combo. He also could be the best guard that Nowitzki will ever play with.

At a young age and only in his fourth year in the NBA he will be able to develop into an all-star type of player. Just as long Carlisle is the head coach of the Mavs then Collison will be able to develop fast and by the time Nowitzki retires he will be able to lead the team as Chris Paul does with the Los Angeles Clippers.

However, last night was only game one and tonight will be their second game (first back-to-back) of the season it will be awhile until Dallas will be able to see how valuable Collison can be for this team.

Also, since the Mavs will be the team that has the most cap room in the NBA it is most likely that he will stay with the team depending on how this year turns out with him. Either way, Collison will be one of the main factors that will carry the Mavs into the post-season and could have the same outcome that they had in 2011. That’s if the “Lightning in a bottle” falls on their lap.


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