NBA To Postpone Knicks-Nets Season Opener Due To Hurricane Sandy

By Riley Schmitt

Hurricane Sandy wreaked a lot of havoc across the Northeast, but it looked like the season opener between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets would survive. However, it appears that the game will be postponed and made up a later date. Extremely smart move.


I can see why the NBA wanted this game to go on, but it is just too much work with all the damage that was done in the city.  It would be a logistical nightmare and it makes a lot more sense to have this game played later in the season.  It sucks for the fans who wanted to see these teams play the first game of the season against each other but the damage is just too much.

The fact that the game was still scheduled to be played was shocking to me.  I could not believe it when I first heard about it on Tuesday night.  If the league tried to force this game to be played, it would alienate a lot of people.  The traffic to and from the game would be a nightmare.  By moving the game back, you give the city a chance to get everything cleaned up.

Expect an official announcement sooner rather than later.  As of now, there is no time table for the make up of this game to be played.

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