Stephen Curry Signs 4-Year Extension

By Trisity Miller

For the next 5 years, the Golden State Warriors have their star point guard in Stephen Curry.

Considering what Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson received (4-year, $48 million) and knowing what he would have gotten on the open market (probably a max contract), the Warriors have gotten themselves a bargain by signing Curry to a 4-year, $44 million deal. A good deal of course if Curry can avoid more ankle problems.

Healthy, he’s arguably better than Lawson so the value in the deal is apparent. When Curry is actually healthy, he’s a pretty good player.

With the contract aside being a good player for the Warriors won’t be enough. They
1) traded Monta Ellis to open up the offense for Curry,
2) acquired David Lee to give him a scoring threat on offense,
3) traded for Andrew Bogut to be the defensive presence the Warriors have desperately needed and
4) drafted Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes to add wing support.

The ankle problem will always be on our minds. It’s not a fluke injury and far from it. It’s been a hampering problem for the past two seasons and it has limited his game as the primary ball-handler. With Curry this team has 7th or 8th seed potential, but without Curry they’ll be lottery driven for the next few years.

Hopefully the Warriors gamble pays off in the long run because barring injury, Steph Curry is a star and the star that they need to make the playoffs.

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