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NBA Chicago Bulls

Taj Gibson Agrees To Extension With Chicago Bulls


Taj Gibson has always wanted to stick with the Chicago Bulls. After a lot of posturing and with just an hour left to get a deal, Gibson agreed to an extension with the team. The terms are unknown right now, but I would imagine it is four years for 38 million dollars or so.

(EDIT:  Updated with current details)

This is a big deal for the Bulls because it gives them flexibility going forward.  The Bulls now have the option to use the amnesty provision on a guy like Carlos Boozer, and keep a decent power forward.  Although Boozer had a decent game in the opener, he is simply too expensive for the Bulls to keep around.

If his offensive game can keep making leaps, Gibson is going to be a force for the Bulls.  He is a bit older than players with the same experience, but he has a lot less milage on his legs.  Age is not exactly a significant factor regarding how good he will be in the long run.  I think the Bulls did a smart thing here.

This was weighing heavy on his mind, so hopefully Gibson will pick up his play after this.  The Bulls need all hands on deck this year and Taj is one of the guys who needs to take his game to new heights.  I do not expect him to be a guy who slacks off once he gets his money.  That is simply not the Bulls’ mantra.