NBA Dallas Mavericks

The Return Of Eddy Curry Is Great For Basketball Fans


Eddy Curry and his NBA career have been quite the sight to see. He was supposed to be the next great big man before health problems derailed that. He eventually ate himself out of the league before winning a title with the Miami Heat last year. On Tuesday, Curry played decent minutes for the Dallas Mavericks and impressed a lot of people.

At first glance, seven points and four rebounds in 17 minutes does not seem like a lot but you have to remember where Curry has been.  No one thought he would still be in the league by this point.  It seemed he had too many health issues to ever play at a high level again.  He did have some issues getting up and down the court, but other than that, he was fun to watch.

I grew up watching Curry when he was fresh into the league.  He was going to be a guy that was going to put up a lot of points for your team.  However, his potential always seemed greater than the results.  He was extremely frustrating to watch and it did not take long for people to get sick of him.

As a basketball fan, I enjoyed watching Curry play.  If not for Brandan Wright, Curry would have been the starting center on Tuesday.  Although that was not the case, it was still wonderful to see him play meaningful minutes.

Once the Mavs get some players back from injury, Curry’s minutes will probably dwindle.  However, it is going to be a fun ride for him and fans while it lasts.