Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Brooklyn Nets Officially Cancel Home Opener

By John J. Paolantonio
Hurricane Sandy Aftermath NJ
Greg M. Cooper – US PRESSWIRE

The Brooklyn Nets and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg made an executive decision yesterday around 3pm to postpone the much anticipated Nets home opener at the brand new Barclays Center against the cross town rival New York Knicks.

The game looked to be unchanged going into yesterday even though as a New Jersey resident, which I am, it seemed very hard to understand how they would be able to keep the game on with the damage Hurricane Sandy did to the subway system.

The advantages that the Barclays Center has always preached and banked on was the ability to have 11 different rail/subway lines be able to flow people into the arena with ease.

The brand new Barclays Center has only 600 parking spaces that can be used by fans and patrons so this added another problem to the situation.

This  simply could not happen with what I have heard on the radio about the state of the NYC subway and rail systems.  Public transportation would be minimal if any at all.

The NYC subway system was under water with salt water from Sandy and we all know what damage salt water can do.

I have not had power or communications with the world since Sandy devastated my town and area on the Jersey Shore Tuesday night but the limited information I was was able to gather from out of state friends told me that the game would be played.  Shocking!

I read a tweet from Nets CEO Brett Yormark at 9pm Tuesday night that made me think otherwise.

“Tnt makes it official. Brooklyn Nets debut will happen on thursday. Going to be a huge night.”

As I was picking up the pieces of my home yesterday afternoon I got word that the game may be postponed which contradicted everything I heard to that point so I was off to find the correct information somehow.

It was being bantered about that announcer Greg Anthony had the scoop and that the game would be postponed.

Anthony was correct with his inside information and less than an hour later Bloomberg made the news official in a press conference.

I was all ready and prepared to make the long and arduous trip to Brooklyn with my son only to find out that Bloomberg stepped in and postponed the game and with that all of the hype and passion that Nets fans had for this event went right out to sea with many people’s home and belongings.

My prayers go out to the people who this devastation has affected.  God Bless

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