Should the NBA Still Play Heat vs Knicks at MSG Tonight?



Usually when teams in the NBA have home openers it is a festive affair. Tonight in New York City it won’t be the case.

The Miami Heat and New York Knicks will play tonight at Madison Square Garden as the tri-state area is till recovering from damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The question though is whether they should be playing.

Earlier this week the NBA postponed the game between the Knicks and Brooklyn Nets that would have been played last night due to logistical concerns raised by the city.

Not much has changed in the last 24 hours.

The subways may be back up and running but areas of Manhattan are still without power. Traffic is at a virtual standstill because of the gasoline shortage caused by Sandy is making people wait long lines near any gas station not closed. Nearly every day after the storm has passed  a new area devastated by Sandy has been shown. On Wednesday it was Hoboken, NJ, on Thursday it was Staten Island. Even within the last hour New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg cancelled the New York City Marathon on Sunday after saying it would go on due to heavy criticism.

So why is this game still going to be played?

Players like Miami’s Dwyane Wade have expressed their concern after seeing how Manhattan is still looking. Others like Wade’s teammate LeBron James have agreed with the decision. Most of the citizens on New York City would probably side with Wade.

The NBA could reschedule the game like they did today with Brooklyn. The options are limited but available.

One idea involves swapping home games between the Heat and Knicks. Unfortunately the two dates when Miami hosts New York, December 6 and April 2, 2013, don’t work out. The December date is technically in limbo due to the NHL lockout as a New York Rangers game is scheduled on that date. The April date in completely out of the question as that is when the NIT would start.

Another option would be to simply schedule the game around the time when the Heat are already in Brooklyn to face the Nets. Some dates are available such as January 28 and 29. All the NBA and MSG would have to do is honor the tickets already sold for tonight’s game.

So again, why is this game being played?