Thunder Lose Opener Vs Spurs: Time To Panic?

By Eli Friedman

The Oklahoma City Thunder would of won that game last night if James Harden was on the floor.

Phew. Got that out of the way.

The Oklahoma City Thunder fall to 0-1 in the season, after losing on a Tony Parker buzzer beater, 86-84. Kevin Durant was the leading scorer for the Thunder with 23 points, and 14 rebounds. Russell Westbrook added 18 points, and Kevin Martin had 15 himself.

If you’re a Thunder fan, there are a couple of questions you HAVE to be asking yourself. Why didn’t Perry Jones III play at all? How come newly acquired Kevin Martin played so much? Why was Hasheem Thabeet in the game? And the biggest one: Where was James Harden when you needed him?

I just kept picturing Harden’s three against San Antonio in the Game 5 last year and saying, “Man, we could use that right about now.” And that third option was a ghost tonight. It wasn’t there. Serge Ibaka played poorly, Westbrook didn’t play all too well, Perk had 2 points, Durant didn’t play his best, and it just was one of those nights where Harden would of came up big. He, however, plays for the Houston Rockets.

Martin only had 24 hours or so to learn the Thunder system, but Scott Brooks and the coaching staff have a lot of work to do. I think PJ3 and Lamb should play and fit into the rotation. That’s just me.

The Thunder are on pace to go 0-82. Freak out time!

Extra Notes:

-Thabeet, Martin, and Darren Collison all entered the game in the first quarter.

-Thabeet’s pass to Collison for a foul….was unreal

-As soon as K-Mart entered the game with Durant and Russ on the floor, he just stood there. No movement. He looked unsure of himself.

-Pops interview with David Aldrich was great. Happy?

-Reggie Jackson didn’t play in the second half.

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