Aaron Barzilai Becomes Director of Analytics to the 76ers

By Tyler R. Tynes

The Philadelphia 76ers have finally found their statistician in the likes of analytics consultant Aaron Barzilai, whom they named Director of Basketball Analytics on Friday afternoon.

The addition to the front office easily has made everyone happier than once before, now that their final piece is properly in place.

Since the hiring of Tony DiLeo as the new general manager to the Sixers, there have been numerous recommendations of bringing in someone who could decipher the stat-lines of the players and analytically make changes that would benefit the Sixers roster in the long run.

Barzilai served as the Memphis Grizzles analytics consultant since April 2009. He assessed potential transactions including; trades, free agent signings and draft pick selections, as well as, the acquisition of the aforementioned picks.

Barzilai is the founder of his own basketball analytics website, BasketballValue.com, and also contributed to 82Games.com. He is a graduate of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where he played varsity basketball, and earned a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford.

With the addition of the stats man DiLeo always wanted, the front office of the Sixers can begin to make long strides forward in the opportunity to progress their players in a different manner than the rest of the league. DiLeo hopes that with this addition to the front office it will give the Sixers a much needed lift in terms of; scouting, on-court awareness, and the overall progression of their abilities as first-class athletes.

Looks like the biggest bargain, was in bringing in Aaron Barzilai.

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