Anthony Davis Injures Head (Is the Uni-Brow Ok?)

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE


Anthony Davis left the second game of the season with an apparent head injury. The good news is that the New Orleans Hornets won their first game of the season and it was a nail biter, but the injury to Davis looms large. The original reports are that it may be a concussion, but until the official reports come out, it is all speculation. The good news is that if it is just a concussion, he should be back within a week or two, but it is never good to see the number one overall pick and un-self-proclaimed savoir of these Hornets go down.

Once again, until we know for sure, it is just speculation, but this is not the start of the season the Hornets were hoping for. Losing Eric Gordon indefinitely with a knee injury is the bigger problem, but if they lose Davis for a few weeks, the team will be without their two best players and will suffer. In the crowded Western Conference, the Hornets simply cannot start slowly and it is a near certainty that if Gordon and Davis both miss significant time, the team will fall down the rankings fast.

For now, all Hornet fans can do is hope for the best and a quick return from Davis, but for now it is a rough start of the season for the Hornets. They are not expected to make the playoffs, but this was a year for progression and growing their young talent, while slowly climbing the ladder in the West. Davis could be back tomorrow or in three weeks and the only thing that can be done is wait, but for what it is worth, he has been fantastic in his first game and change and the future sure is bright for Davis and the Hornets as well. The Brow may be hurting today, but it looks like the Hornets have a potential superstar on board in New Orleans and his name is not Chris Paul.