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NBA Miami Heat

Miami Helter-Skelter Play Will Prevent 70 Win Season

Us Presswire-Steve Mitchell

The Miami Heat won’t come close to a 70-win season.

I don’t see any team ever surpassing or even meeting the greatness of the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls especially this Heat team.  As disrespectful as it is for a person to argue that anyone can challenge Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all-time it is equally disrespectful to think that any team can repeat what his Bull’s did that season.

The Heat won’t do it because of their inconsistency during the regular season. When playing in Miami and playing on the road the Heat are two different teams. For the most part when the Heat play a good team in that team’s arena they lose and it is not always because their opponent is better than them, it usually comes down to the effort and approach their stars bring to the game.

The New York Knicks game this past Friday is a prime example of how the Heat play when in such a situation. Sure LeBron James has a few flashes of greatness but for the most part he doesn’t really try to win. It’s almost as if he plays the game a certain way and is willing to accept either a win or a loss and that type of mentality does not translate into many wins especially when you are the road team.

Since James and Chris Bosh have arrived in Miami the Heat have won just under 70 percent of their regular season games and the games they have loss have just two story lines. The Heat either lose in a close game due to lack of late game execution or they decided to go on the road and take the night off.

That is why I only expect 60 wins from this team and for them to not even finish with the best record in the NBA. They play when they want to play and in this league the most glaring detail that backs such a statement is the fact that in three games this season the Heat have allowed all three teams to score 104 points or more.

If the Heat play lackadaisical, lazy, and uninspired defense then their chances of winning are lowered and points to how they have too many flaws and inconsistencies to ever reach not only a 70-win season but an all-time great season like that Jordan led Bulls team in 1995.