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J.J. Barea and Donald Sloan Are the First NBA Players to Receive Flopping Warnings

J.J. Barea is One of the First to Receive Flopping Warning from the NBA

Jesse Johnson-US Presswire

When the NBA first announced during the preseason that this year they would not tolerate players flopping it was received well by coaches, players and fans alike, however it wasn’t going to be fully believed until the league began enforcing the penalties within the new ruling. Well that day is now upon us, as the NBA has targeted two players for braking the anti-flopping rule and have given them their first warnings under the new guidelines.

Those two players are Minnesota Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donald Sloan who each broke the rule last Friday night during the four quarter in each of their respective games and on Monday received their first warning in regards to the rule which they broke.

Barea’s offense occurred with 10:04 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter when Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette mistakenly threw his off hand into Barea’s face. Barea then threw his hands dramatically in the air and got the referees to call an offensive foul on Fredette. The T’wovles would go on to win the game 92-80 so in essence the foul wouldn’t have made much of a difference but now Barea goes down as one of the first violators of the flopping rule.

Sloan’s offense occurred late in the fourth quarter of a 115-86 route where the Chicago Bulls easily handled the Cavs; Sloan’s legs were tangled with Chicago’s Nazr Mohammed‘s and then Sloan spun to the floor, flailing his arms in attempts to get the refs to make a call.

With the first two warnings being handed out and the players now realizing that this is truly going to happen it will be interesting to see exactly how many more of them continue this egregious practice before it is altogether stopped by all players totally.

The breakdown of all of the flopping warnings and rules can be found here; NBA Makes New Flopping Rules Official.