NBA:Top 5 Overreactions from Week One

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The Biggest Overreactions from Week One in the NBA


Opening week in the NBA is great for many reasons, but my favorite part is the tremendous overreactions that take place. Two or three games in and people and people are already starting to whine and complain, while they jump on and off bandwagons everywhere. It's quite entertaining.

So I've decided to take the equal and opposite approach to an NBA piece where I point out all the ridiculousness that gets throw around just a few games in to an 82-game season.

While some of the panicking is well founded, most of it is just people reaching for stories to create gossip. That's great, I get it, it's just not my thing. You have to give teams time to develop and adapt to the season before you can make judgments.

Not even a week into the season and people are already posing questions like, 'Is it time to panic in Los Angeles?'

I know we live in a 'what have you done for me lately' society, but come on, show a little patience, have a little faith in your team's system. Great teams aren't born overnight, especially in the NBA.

Once it gets well past Christmas, and teams or players still aren't performing, then it's alright to panic. There's a good body of work to look at by that point in the season, and it makes any criticism much more legitimate, even though there's still plenty of season to go...

So without further ado, here are the five biggest overreactions for week one in the association:

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#5 - Celtics are Too Old


Every year people call the Boston Celtics too old, and while the nucleus of the team has gotten younger this season, many of their star players are no doubt on the older side of things.

After a 1-2 start this season, fans everywhere are once again calling the Celtics too old. At this point it's just ridiculous to keep pointing it out. Boston will be there in the playoffs again this season. They proved what they can do last year, as they took the Miami Heat to the brink of elimination. There's no reason to think they couldn't do it again with what seems like a better overall roster.

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#4 - Thunder Made Wrong Decision to Trade Harden


The Oklahoma City Thunder also sit at 1-2 after the first week of the season, and of course the main question on everyone's mind concerns the James Harden deal. Did the Thunder make the right decision to trade him?

Short-term that answer is no, but I believe the long-term answer is yes. I think that Harden would have probably left as a free agent in the future anyway, so pulling the trigger on a deal to get return value was the best call for the franchise.

It's not going to be an easy transition for the Thunder, but eventually they'll figure it out and get back on track to returning to the Western Conference Finals.

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#3 - New York Knicks are Legitimate


The New York Knicks sit at 2-0 after the first week, and as with anything sports-related in New York, it will get blown out of proportion. Now there's no question that the Knicks are better this year. They made several off-season moves to bring in legitimate veterans to shore up the roster, especially in the back court.

With the new additions primarily handling the ball (Jason Kidd & Raymond Felton), I expect things to open things up for Carmelo Anthony, and a career year is not out of the question for him.

However it's way too early to tell if the Knicks are legitimate contenders in the East. Fans will want desperately to jump on the bandwagon, but it's too soon for all that nonsense.

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#2 - Lakers 'All-Star' Team Will Fail


The season is off to a terrible start for the Los Angeles Lakers. They're 0-3 for the first time since 1978, and off-season acquisition Steve Nash is already out a month with a fractured leg.

Fans are already hitting the panic button, and asking what's wrong in L.A.?

All of this panic is pure overreaction however. Star-laden teams take awhile to gel, especially when they spend little to no time together in the preseason.

Let's wait until late this winter before we start judging the Lakers, because I'm confident they will be just fine.

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#1 - James Harden is a Superstar


Harden is already turning heads and raising eyebrows around the league this season. He's propelled the Houston Rockets to a 2-1 start, while putting up some career numbers along the way.

This is all great for fans of Harden and the Rockets, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I've even heard people throw Harden's name into the MVP discussion already. The reality is that it's way too early to tell if Harden is even a legitimate superstar.

Has he shown the potential of a superstar? Absolutely, but we're talking about a sixth man of the year award winner here. He was the third best player on the Thunder, so I'm not going to deem him a superstar just because he's had a few successful games on a new team.

I do look forward to seeing if James Harden can emerge as the next NBA superstar, but to call him one already, is a rush to judgment.