Phoenix Suns shooting guard Jared Dudley not firing on all cylinders

By David Charnley
Jared Dudley Phoenix Suns
Jenifer Stewart-US Presswire

Jared Dudley, the Phoenix Suns shooting guard, has not started the season off in prolific form; offensively he has lacked the ability to get points on the board.

From the opening three games of the season he is averaging 5.3 points and more significantly is only 6/19 from the field.

The low stats are worrying for Alvin Gentry as he would like to have seen more proficiency from his shooting guard, but what seems to be more worrying is Dudley’s lack of confidence in shooting the ball.

During the 115-94 defeat to the Orlando Magic, Dudley opened the game with a deep three pointer, however during the next 25 minutes of play he went on to miss his next three shots.

It doesn’t appear to just be the 27-year-old that realizes form is not on his side at the moment. Normally the go to man for open threes, the rest of the roster seemed to ignore his presence as they got into a habit of missing quick perimeter shots which did not include Dudley.

Jared Dudley Phoenix Suns
Mark J. Rebilas

“I’m trying to fit and get my role on this team. We run the offense through Michael Beasley and that’s what we should do. I’m trying to space it for jump shots. What we’re doing a poor job of is the secondary looks. When teams take away our first option, we don’t have our counters,” Dudley said.

Dudley started the season off with 11 points against the Golden State Warriors and seemed relatively happy shooting the ball, even attempting three point shots which there were six of; however, he only connected with the one.

During the Suns lopsided defeat against the Magic Dudley again was ineffective offensively, whereas the likes of Marcus Beasley and Lusi Scola both got over 20 points. If Marcin Gortat or Dudley contributed with more points the game could have been even closer. With the Miami Heat up next Dudley needs to up his game if the Sun’s are remarkably going to avoid going 1-3.

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